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Best Fusion Outfit Ideas to Amp up your Fashion Game

Fashion Game
The modern Indian man is getting increasingly comfortable with experimentation when it comes to fashion. From trying out vintage accessories to blending elements of Indian and western wear, men are broadening their horizons of style. This has motivated designers to take their game up a notch and create original, groundbreaking designs that bring forward brilliant Indian designs that are in line with international standards.
That said, a lot of times you may find yourself stuck in a puzzling maze of new patterns and cuts that make little to no sense by themselves. The art of stepping up your fashion game lies in creating strategic matches that flatter your body and don’t look unnaturally placed on you.
Dapper brings you some simple solutions that you can consider for creating a distinct yet memorable look for yourself at the next Diwali party or wedding function:

Power of prints

Be it blazers or bomber jackets, layering your outfit with prints can save the day (and your outfit) with ease. You can pair printed blazers or bombers with any plain kurta pyjama co-ords. For events at night, use the same pieces to go prints on prints instead of the plain co-ord underneath – you can use a lighter print below and layer it with a darker, bolder jacket/blazer.

Likewise, open Nehru jackets are a modest but great way to amp up your basic duo of shirts and trousers. You can pick brighter patterns for daytime events and don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics either. For example, wearing raw silk blazers over your favourite cotton or linen Kurtas can get you plenty of extra fashion points.

Cut from a different cloth

Asymmetrical cuts are a brilliant way to show off your style quotient. Asymmetrical Kurtas can be teamed up with your favourite pair of denim pants for an urban yet classy look. There is enough room for experimentation with asymmetrical Kurtas and shirts as you explore them in different fabrics, colours and prints. Any colour from pastels to neons can be used to add spunk to your asymmetrical garments which will make them the star pieces of your outfit.

Mayor of footwear city

No fashion rulebook curbs you from just sticking to Juttis with Indian wear. You might want to take a little inspiration from the much-loved Ranveer Singh as you bring out your favourite pair of sneakers to go with your Indian ensemble. Vice versa, don’t be afraid to let your Kolhapuris and Juttis stand out with your jeans/trousers and shirts. What makes this switch even better, is that both Juttis and sneakers are versatile and work well from day to night, so you can play around with these combinations regardless of the time of the day.

The new-age Bandhgala

Bandhgalas are increasingly being transformed into chic and modern garments by several designers. While they still keep the sophistication factor intact, you could take a look at the ones with pleated fronts or asymmetric flaps. These interesting designs give you all the edginess you need when paired with any of your favorite trousers. This duo will effortlessly bring together modern and traditional components making you look carefree, comfortable, and classy – all at once.

Waistcoat 2.0

Gone are the days of waistcoats being an office meeting staple or a mere addition to your outfit. Pleated waistcoats created with genius patterns can bring up your style quotient exponentially. They ooze fresh and relaxed vibes that make you stand out instantly and effortlessly. Muted colours help you balance out the boldness of the layered design, giving you just the right touch of modernity while keeping some traditional elements.

Need assistance?

At Dapper, we completely understand that each individual has a different sense of style that they are looking to amplify for special events. Our selected designs will help you create an extension of your personal fashion sense, while still serving the best looks at any wedding function or party. We have carefully curated a collection of designers and their work so you can have a long and stellar line of choices to pick from, rather than settling for a piece of clothing. Feel free to reach out to us over the phone or our website if you need assistance. If you want to try out different styles and combinations in person, walk into our flagship store and we will guide you through.

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