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Brunch Outfit Ideas – Valentine’s Edition

It’s that time of the year again where everything looks like it’s been passed through a filter of love and roses aka Valentine’s Day! This directly translates to you taking out the time to plan something special with your partner. And with the lighting and decor in place, the last thing you need is for your outfit to be out of place. It’s why we have your back! All you have to do is get yourselves the right essentials to look dapper and handsome for your Valentine’s Day brunch.

Keep the red: We know, we know. It’s typical and cheesy. But if you can do it right, adding a touch of red to your outfit on your date can create a great look. Throw on a printed buttoned down shirt like the Iconorosh polo by Shivan and Narresh with a pair of black trousers or jeans and you’ll have yourself a relaxed outfit that fits right into the brunch vibe.
The boy-next-door: Nail your chocolate boy look with an all white outfit and a bomber jacket from the dreams. A daytime pink bomber by Jenjum Gadi is perfect for a daytime brunch date. Not only will it add the right level of layering but it will also elevate your outfit while still keeping the Valentine’s Day vibe intact.
Subtle is king: Want a sleek formal look for your luxurious brunch? It’s simple. Add a pair of pink cufflinks by Closet Code to your white or grey shirt and pair them up with navy blue or black trousers to pull the look together. This helps in creating a smart and formal look that does not look over-the-top and still makes you look handsome.

Cool and casual: The standard pink shirt and blue/black denims will not disappoint you. But that’s no reason to shy away from experimenting. Look for a quirky shirt that makes you stand out from the crowd in the golden hours. A premium shirt by Abkasa or the adorable Terrier linen shirt by Sahil Aneja is the way to go for your daytime brunches. You can even pair them with lined trousers and some white sneakers to look chic and casual in minutes (bonus points for keeping your hair on point!).

Easy breezy: This one’s probably the easiest way to rock a brunch-date outfit. Throw on a pullover that fits well and amplifies your frame (yes, including shoulders and back) and team it with a pair of interesting printed trousers. Need some inspiration? Just look at the tunic and pants designed by Kunal Anil Tanna. With the right sneakers or loafers, you’ll have all eyes on you (especially, your date’s). If you want to keep it low-key, feel free to add a pair of plain trousers with the tunic to bring in a smart-casual vibe without the risk of looking boring or common.
Simple: You don’t have to add anything fancy to look out of this world amazing for your brunch. A white shirt and navy blue printed linen pants is the perfect choice to make. Need the look ASAP? Get the Toco Pants by Son of a Noble Snob to get started.

Feel free to go through our dapper collection and pick out anything else that you love for your ultimate brunch. 

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