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Classic winter outfit ideas for New Year’s Party

Classic winter outfit ideas for New Year's Party

The year 2020 wasn’t exactly a great year for most of us! But now that we are nearing the end, we all are hopeful for a positive head-start and great beginning for 2021!

So, whether you’re partying with friends, family or having a Zoom get together, The New Year Eve’s calls for a smashing celebration, and that’s a reason enough to get dressed up. . Here are some party outfit ideas, whether it’s a house party or a formal dinner setting, say goodbye to 2020 in style.

Dinner party

It’s best to dress up formally for dinner parties but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear a boring suit. Here’s a designer tip for you! Team up designer Dinkar Aneja’s blue textured jacket with a pair of black pants or opt for a grey-black suit with a high neck sweater for a classy twist.

Complete your New Year party look by adding a pair of black shiny leather shoes and cufflinks to the attire. However, make sure your blazer doesn’t look too tight over the high neck sweater.

House party

A warm house, close friends, lots of booze, basically the best time to have the space to carry something trendy yet comfortable.

House parties are the best place to experiment with something which looks good and gives you a unique appearance.

You cannot go wrong with NoughtOne’s Utility Panned Sweatshirt that’s a great mix of style and utility.. A thick gauge cardigan or coat on top is bound to give you a super cool party look.

Hitting the club

Start with a pair of smart loafers in black or dark brown shade with a pair of dark denims and a T-shirt topped up with a Cushioned jacket. You can throw in a hoodie from NoughtOne’s collection under the jacket if it is too cold.

Night out

The most casual of all outfits, ideal for if you are just hanging out at a friend’s house. Be comfortable and enjoy yourself as it’s the perfect place for a relaxed look.

The outfit should start with a good pair of jeans that can be teamed up with a hoodie or a casual jumper which is a classic winter outfit. Add a nice shirt to create a layered look.

As we say goodbye to this year, let’s be more optimistic and look our best to welcome 2021! Make your own sartorial choices and glam up the party with outfit ideas for the last and final day of 2020.

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