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Designer Spotlight – Antar Agni

Antar Agni is a men’s wear collection curated by Ujjawal Dubey, and launched in 2014. Ujjawal Dubey believes that every piece of fabric has its own language and character that is waiting to be revealed on the right person’s body. He named this beautiful line of clothing Antar Agni in an attempt to represent the same characteristic that every fabric flails with. He believes that he just catalyses the fabric to help speak its own language by the creation of raw and natural pieces.

More about the face behind Antar Agni

Ujjawal Dubey was born and raised in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He enrolled in the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kolkata. He was a student of textile design in 2006, and it was there where his spark of passion struck, and he understood the nuances and typologies of design. After graduation, he honed his skills at Shantanu & Nikhil, more specifically on their sportswear collaboration for Adidas. On a quest for wanting to explore fabrics in their natural state, he turned to design menswear. He eventually ended up participating in the 2014 Gen Next program at Lakmé Fashion Week! For the same, he was inspired by Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’, as he translated the beautiful landscape of Afghanistan into palazzo dhotis, jackets, and draped kurtas crafted from khadi, hand-woven linen, and malkha cotton.

Accolades throughout time behind Antar Agni

There is a lot that a futuristic and masterful designer like Ujjawal Dubey has achieved, nothing compared to what lies ahead of him in the future! He won the Best Upcoming Designer for Menswear at the Grazia Young Fashion Awards in 2015. He was stunningly named in the ’50 most influential young Indians by GQ India’ and won the highly deserving Elle Graduate Award in 2016. He was also excitedly named in the 30 under 30 list by the Forbes India magazine in 2017! It was a specifically successful year for him as he also won the prestigious Woolmark Prize in the Indian subcontinent and Middle East regional final in 2017, in the men’s wear category. This was extremely special because he had created a collection inspired by a nomadic Indian tribe – The Van Gujjars. This line consisted of layered silk and merino wool separates.

A styling of yesterday and tomorrow

The style of the Antar Agni collection line focuses on showcasing the light onto each man’s individuality. It is designed to make men feel that there will be a strong, charming, and admirable aura around them, just by wearing this line up. Its style is derived from non-conventional tastes, that blend well with contemporary designs. Yet have a unique style of their own, by having an influential impact on the present. Antar Agni makes sure that Indian men’s wear can be defined in more than just sharply tailored suits and sherwanis. His collaboration with Raymond showcased some beautifully crafted textiles that were made in Assam, in association with Reliance IMG and United Nations in India. By this intriguing project, he managed to bring forward traditional textiles in a new light. Playing with designs in the most versatile and fresh way possible, Ujjawal Dubey has set the standards of style and class through his range of experience and expertise. He keeps inventing and inspiring everybody in the industry to evolve their designs to create a brighter fashion industry in India – one that represents our rooted traditions and cultures.

Antar Agni as a testament to designing

With gender fluid pieces to imbibing patronage and heritage, Antar Agni is a modern homage and testament to the ever-evolving tastes and styles of fashion. It is stemmed from the history of our heritages, and thus resonates with various people across different generations and age groups. There is something for everyone! The amalgamation of Ujjawal Dubey’s ethos, created this collection that fits every taste and style of men’s wear, leaving no one behind. With both formal and fun styles of clothing, the Antar Agni collection is as versatile as fashion collections can get. Ranging through even the different spectrums of color, some dominating pieces in the collection have shades of grey, neutrals, and popping visuals of citrine and green.

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