Designer Spotlight - Arjan Dugal - Dapper
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Designer Spotlight – Arjan Dugal

Created out of pure passion for fashion and lifestyle, Arjan Dugal has birthed an eye-catching luxury brand in his name. This brilliant mind has developed a talent that is self-taught, from Delhi. He has taken men’s fashion to new dimensions of design, with his creative insight into fashion wear especially for men. Creating a niche market for his classy cuts, vivacious hues, and edgily modern aesthetics, he has built a qualitative space for fresh and dynamic men’s fashion. Retaining elements of sophistication in his elegant designs, he has truly invented a different niche in fashion for his designs.

Paving the way for men's fashion

Today, Arjan Dugal’s designs have been focusing on men’s wear, by developing his own colours and tastes of his own textures. His display of genius can be seen through his Japanese origami collection which included interesting tone-on-tone collections. He has reinvented Indo-western fusion styles for men, through his designing techniques. Although his fashion couture is inspired by his own unique imagination, he likes to incorporate Turkish inspired designs into his clothes. His consistency is texture, styles, and prints are commendable in their own way. This is a testament to his designing vision for his line ups and collections.

Subtle accents of sophistication

If you want to look out for majorly ground-breaking styles in men’s wear to outshine others in your photos from special occasions, Arjan Dugal’s menswear line is where you should put your eyes on. His collections are tinted with subtle sophistication and class that not many designers can earnestly pull off. His must have collections range from beautifully stitched bandhgala suits with detailed buttons to fitted trousers and a crispy white shirt along with cufflinks. Also, must haves include his soft fabric crafted kurta and churidar, accessories of pocket squares, and funky fit socks. His men’s wear guarantees comfort, signature style cuts and complete functionality of the entire outfit that comes in the form of well finished pockets and quick-to-dry fabrics. A must have for his casual wardrobe is a good pair of chinos or jeans, with a white linen shirt and an unlined casual blazer or jacket. His collections are best known for his vintage styled, utilitarian and yet modern and understated men’s wear that repurposes and showcases Indian handloom.

Accessorizing every look

The fashion world understands and knows that accessories are crucial to the final look of any outfit. Arjan Dugal’s line also serves an array of impressive pocket squares that tie with his perfectly constructed and stunning prints and fabrics that can maximise the elevation of any outfit. His footwear collection is even better, ranging from colourful sneakers to the cool strappy sandals. He creates clean, bold and sophisticated pieces that will hold a look together through any event, vacation, or occasion. You can pair your outfits with his light tinted glasses that will complement a chic look, especially on comfortable and easy fits of lighter designs. His handbags make for a good staple of interesting looking men’s wear. He constantly pushes the boundaries of daily comfort wear by pairing them up with specialised accessories.

The road down the future lane

Arjan Dugal has made a mark for himself in several ways thanks to his evolving aesthetic. His new styles include elegant and quirky details, as they are a major part of his new age tailoring. He will evolve his fashion tastes by incorporating the styles of his favourite fashion icons, like his personal favourite Rami Malek, Travis Scott, and Harry Styles. His styles are also quick to adapt to any environment and trends. His mantra is set at the fact that dressing will always be an extension of one’s individualistic expression. He is always looking to push his boundaries, by mixing and matching the smallest pieces in his wardrobe to draw inspiration. And like this he will keep his passion for designing alive. Arjan Dugal has made a unique mark in the industry with his designing and will continue to do so forever.

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