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Designer Spotlight – Mayank Modi

Mayank Modi
Straight from the heart of Bangalore and from passion for designing fine menswear, comes the Mayank Modi label. A brand that allows your personality to shine in the way you want it to with some help from subtle, earthy tones and pure fabrics. The core idea behind my Mayank Modi’s designs lies in turning fashion into an extension of one’s personality. The ace designer has achieved so by creating timeless looks and attires that look like amplified versions of classic menswear that everyone loves and feels comfortable in.

Seed of originality:

From his classic linen Kurtas to his printed and embroidered pieces, Mayank Modi manages to create understated yet fine outfits for any event be it during the day or night. By keeping quality and consistency in fabric his self acclaimed mantra for success, Mayank Modi has established and matched high standards for every piece he designs making his collection all the more worthy without eliminating significant bits from traditional or urban fashion.

Distinctive and how:

This fashion maestro definitely understands the need of the hour along with the importance of the right accessories in building a look which has led him to further build a stunning collection of masks and footwear. With a crafty eye and skills of being adaptable, Mayank Modi steps into western wear as easily as he does in to Indian ensembles. Be it his linen bomber jackets or neutral shirts for any occasion, his designs allow you to reinvent casual, chic outfits with ease and winning in your office fashion or party pictures.
Bringing out a full, complete look doesn’t stop Mayank from focusing on the details. Asymmetric cuts, prints and modern collars are just some of the elements that can easily be spotted in a signature Mayank Modi piece. The work in his chanderi kurta sets is all the proof one needs to be sure. Additionally, if you’re an experimental soul, then heading towards his label’s tri-coloured or geometric print jackets and Kurtas would be your perfect move. On the other hand, if minimalism rules your life, then there is nothing better than the sophisticated open jackets or Chinese collared designs that give you a complete appearance with a touch of elegance.
Dapper brings you the best of Mayank Modi’s collection in one spot for you to grab the first chance you get. Feel free to pick up a stylish bandhgala or a handwoven jacket before your next big event!

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