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Designer Spotlight : Payal Singhal

payal singhal
The fashion industry in India is constantly evolving, which is a key reason why the industry demands designers who can keep up with the pace while delivering quality results. Payal Singhal has managed to do from the very start and continues to do so (pandemic or no pandemic). She began her journey very early on with award-winning designs belonging to women’s collection and has gone on to expand her line with menswear, kids wear, and accessories too.

Art in her roots:

Her family roots are deeply embedded into artistry and design, with her grandfather J.P. Singhal being a famed photographer and an artist and her father Dinesh Singhal being the creator of London Fashions. While the strands of fashion and design might be embedded in her DNA, Payal Singhal polished her skills and took her creativity to new heights with the help of some of the biggest educational institutions in the world of art and fashion. These included New York’s The Parsons School of Design and Fashion School of Technology and Mumbai’s very own, SNDT Women’s University.

Reinventing garden prints:

Payal Singhal’s label focuses deeply on the artistry that blends traditional and modern elements to not just make an impression but to also sit comfortably and her menswear collection is proof. From her ‘Farhan’ silk shirt Kurta to Aziz Kurta sets, Payal Singhal reinvents garden prints and makes the best use of silk fabrics to help them shine. By offering a relaxed fit for her garments, she not only makes the wearer look effortlessly fashion-forward but ensures they get their share of comfort too. Her light and airy designs come alive with the color combinations she uses.

Pastels and garden prints aren’t her label’s only strong hand in the fashion game. Payal Singhal’s bold designs also include stone organza embroidered Bandi jackets (Ayan Bandi Set) that will make you stand out. Her understanding of pairing garments and balancing looks is impeccable as she places these Bandi jackets along with sheer organza Kurtas to let the features of both pieces shine in their own capacity.

Less is more:

By working with sheer clothes, leaner silhouettes, and velvet crotch pants, she intelligently blends together fabrics with smart designs, making them look unique from others in the market. Her ideology of “less is more” is evidently seen in her men’s collection. Her ensembles rarely demand heavy accessorizing to amp their look. Instead, the patterns and silhouettes handle the eye-catching elements for you, bringing all the attention to your look with minimal effort. Her collection is a gift to minimalists who want to create statement looks with lesser items.

Where can you find it?

Dapper offers a curated collection of Payal Singhal’s latest designs that will add a touch of modernity to any traditional event. Browse through her designs to pick your favorite or visit our flagship store and we can help you choose one.

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