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Different ways to style your overcoat

Overcoats are a great way to amp up any winter look you’ve got in mind. From a night out to that important client meeting, overcoats make you look great with ease. They’re easy to match with the atmosphere because they keep you warm and stylish. That said, it’s important to pair them up with the right pieces of clothing and accessories to get the perfect look. We’ve brought you a roundup of a few different styles that you can use.

The office look: Got an important workday? Throw on an overcoat on your well-fitted suit as an extra layer of looking formal. It works better than ski jackets and keeps the look classy and cosy. If you’ve got a dark suit (such as navy blue, black, dark grey), you can add an overcoat of a lighter shade such as tan or camel that is knee-length or a little longer than that.

The night out: Dress down with an open double-breasted overcoat that’s paired with a buttoned-down shirt or a sweater and a pair of jeans to head out for the night. Team this up with a pair of classy black or brown boots as you step out.

The daylight look: A great way to step out during the day is to keep the elements of your outfit light and breezy. Complete the basic look of a white T-shirt and some blue jeans with an overcoat to tie it all together. Make sure you leave the overcoat unbuttoned to add a casual element throughout the day.

The smart-casual: If you’re looking for a smart-casual look, layering needs to be done right. And an overcoat is the best way to add that. Start with a basic shirt (white/beige) and add a layer of a dark brown sweater on top. Finish with an overcoat of any dark colour and you’ll be equipped to move swiftly from work to a dinner date.

The ‘all-black’ dapper man: A classic ‘all-black’ look never disappoints. Pair your black overcoat with a black sweater and jeans for the ultimate ‘all-black’ outfit. Complete your look with a pair of black boots and voila, you’re super dapper.

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