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Gifting Ideas for your Brother this Bhai Dooj

Gifting Ideas for your Brother this Bhai Dooj
Brothers can be your best friend or your mean enemy, but ultimately, they make for the best partners in crime. They are the most helpful mentor, and can guide you through the toughest days of your life. Deep down, they keep you as a priority before themselves. Celebrate this lucky and strong bond on this Bhai Dooj, by making your brother the happiest person. Only by giving him something meaningful and truly special, will he know that you value his presence around. However, we know how tough it gets for some people to hunt for the best gifts, especially for some secretive brothers. Here is a curated list that will definitely help you in case you are having trouble in this department.

1. Festive Shirts and Clothing

Men love to wear trendy shirts and new clothing, no matter how much they deny it. They love to put on a festive sherwani or a popping kurta on festivals and look handsome in traditional wear. The dapper menswear kurta and clothing collection for this happily upcoming festive season has everything your brother will love donning on himself for the festivities!

2. Chic New Masks

One of the most essential items that has emerged this year is the mask. It is truly an essential, and one must have as many masks as they can. Especially, to mix and match with trendy and festive outfits, it is fun to experiment with a variety of masks. Making a necessity interesting is what fashion is all about. Gift your brother a range of matching masks with his dapper menswear to complete his look!

3. Shoes or Sneakers

Everybody is a sneaker head these days! There are people who just like to collect shoes, and if your brother is one of those people, this is the perfect gift for him. This Bhai Dooj, talk to his friends, and plan to gift him a perfect pair of shoes that he has been eyeing for some time!

4. Watches

Even in a world where time is everywhere, watches are still in style. Everybody loves a new watch around their wrists. There are plenty of options you can choose from, according to your brother’s tastes and interests.

5. Customized and Personalized Gifts

Nothing speaks love like a personal gift based upon an inside joke! Material gifts are nice, but cannot take the place of something personal and meaningful. Try to play with that to strengthen the bond you have with your brother on Bhai Dooj!
So here’s your list of perfect gifting suggestions from Dapper! Go ahead indulge in some gifting pleasure!

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