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Menswear Trends to look out for in the year 2020

Menswear Trends
The fashion industry is ever evolving, and forever changing. There is no stoppage for any style, somebody comes along and changes the entire concept in a matter of time. The year 2020 has seen a similar if not drastic change within the fashion industry, despite backlash due to a decreasing amount of sales. However, the creative outlook and designing passion has seldom changed. There is a steep return of the reinvention of tailoring and supporting handmade crafted fashion. While sportswear was dominant for a long while in men’s wear, it was over-shot by tailoring. Cuts in suits are oversized rather than form-fitted. There is a shift in colours too. The navies and greys are replaced with pastels and creams. Let us closely look at the new styles and trends of menswear in 2020.

Utility Wear

Menswear designers have become as preoccupied with function as much as they have with fit. Practical usage of clothing in fashion is being paid more attention than ever! Pockets, streetwear, cargo pants, wearable luggage, and sweatpants are just a few to name. Look out for stocking your comfortable wardrobe with this much needed trend!

Open Collar Shirts

Owning a perfect layering piece that goes with everything in your wardrobe is a must for any season. A new piece for this layer is the open collar shirt. It is a convenient and casual piece that is trending well this year.

Flared Pants

One of the trends that has brought 70s’ nostalgia back is that of flared pants. With a thin upper leg and an exaggerated ankle, the bell bottom pants are thriving a trend even the 70s’ did not see coming. They are stylish and casual!

Monochromatic Suits

Celebrity wear has indicated a classic new style of pairing up your suits in varied colours, but for both your jacket and pants! You can experiment with various colours, or go with the classic all black. Give your work wardrobe a change this year has seen.

Ripped Denim

Although the ripped denim style has been around for a while, it really spread like wildfire this year. Even the classic blue denim is being replaced with other different colors. Along with a nicely ripped style, different coloured jeans or jacket is a go to for casual outings!

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