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Staple winter wear that every man should own

Staple winter wear that every man should own

With winters, comes the idea of layering and staying cosy. But being comfortable and warm does not mean you let go of your style quotient. When done correctly, winter fashion can make you stand out in your important office meeting or even when you head out for the night with friends. All you need is the right set of winter essentials. The best part? You can easily play mix and match with these items to create multiple looks.

Bomber Jacket: A black bomber jacket can instantly amp up your casual look and keep you warm. Get yourself an embroidered bomber jacket that can work with any of your basic T-shirts and jeans. Not only does it give the right shape at the shoulders and waist for most men, but it can also be paired with sweaters or jumpers to keep warm.
A pair of navy pants: Navy blue will always rule the winters when done right. A pair of well-fitted navy blue trousers like the toco pants by Son of a Noble Snob can be clubbed with anything from a formal jacket to a sweater. They are perfect for the smart-casual look you’ve always wanted – just throw on a jumper and a pair of sneakers. These pants can also double out as a formal set of pants with a white shirt and a tuxedo jacket.
The classic grey overcoat: What is a winter wardrobe without an overcoat? Overcoats are the perfect addition to any outfits during winters because they give you the right look while using layering techniques. A grey-black herringbone wool overcoat such as the one by Dinkar Aneja is a versatile staple that you can pair with anything from tunics and sweaters to shirts and T-shirts. If you’re worried about the colours, don’t be. Thanks to its blend of greys and blacks, it works well with shades of white, grey, beige, reds and of course, black.
A salmon suit: Suits are an obvious choice during winters because they strike the perfect balance between warmth and style. While blacks, greys and blues are popular choices during the season, you might want to keep a light pink suit handy with you. This works really well for any day events during winters and is easy to pair with white tunics/sweaters.
The fun shirt: Just because it’s all about layering, does not mean your basics should be ignored. Add a little spunk to your shirt collection with something like a Terrier shirt by Sahil Aneja. Smart and cute options like these are perfect for any casual look – be it day or night.
A mask: This one is probably the newest entry in everyone’s pack of staples and it’s no secret that the cold weather makes it all even a bigger necessity than what it was. A black cloth mask that not only keeps you safe but also fits your outfit easily is a good call. What makes this mask even better is the eco-friendly element of it as it would be reusable and washable.
Warm socks: Keep your feet warm and stylish with the right pair of socks for every occasion. Having a sock box like the ones by SockSoho with a variety of socks in there is an easy hack to a great winter wardrobe.

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