Brooches For Men - What are the trending men's brooch design?
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Are Brooches For Men Still In Style? Take A Look At Some Trending Men’s Brooch Designs

rending men's brooch design
Who said jewellery is not for men? From red carpets to wedding season, bold brooches have made their way into men’s wardrobes, and they are here to stay. Brooch for coat, brooch for a blazer, brooch for sherwani designers are now exploring new ways to create special jewellery pieces for men that they can incorporate with whatever they wear.
Brooches have a long and rich cultural history as they have been part of our history, with some special pieces being handed over as heirlooms in several families across the globe.
Aside from that, brooches for men and pins are an innovative tactic that you can use to elevate your outfit – be it a blazer brooch or a coat brooch for your formal suits or brooch for sherwani and a brooch for kurta that will add spice to your ethnic wear.
A single brooch can elevate your style, whether it is a coat brooch, blazer brooch, or brooch for sherwani or a kurta. Here’s a list of four everlastings in style brooch for men that you need right now to upgrade your wardrobe!

All About The Bling: 

A bold and classic way to outshine others in wedding parties, engagements, parties and other special occasions is to go all out with a glamorous brooch for men made out of diamonds or precious stones.
Feel free to experiment and wear a larger brooch that can be in any shape as long as it gives you a sprinkle of stardust on your clothing. Pick brooches that have stones carefully placed in a subtle setting so you can add the right bling without making your outfit look over the top.
And the best part? These pieces of jewellery will not only look good with ethnic wear like a brooch for kurta and a brooch for sherwani but will also give a cultural Indian fusion to your western clothing, like coat brooch and blazer brooch.

For The Low-Key Ones:

If you are a minimalist at heart and don’t get the jazz about larger than life attire, then skinny and utilitarian shaped brooch for men can be your best friends to complete any look with a dash of silver, platinum or even gold. Likewise, you can opt for precious adornments that carry a special memory, such as a vintage bike or our myth pin.

Regal Indian Wear:

One of the best ways to work around with brooch for men is to try out exquisitely crafted pieces with dragging chains that can boost the look of your Nehru jacket or the Bandhgala and enhance your look ethnic wear. Men’s brooches that have an antique, vintage and bold appearance might be the perfect element to add to your understated Kurtas and outfits – be it day or night.

To Explore The Colour Power:

Aside from amplifying attire with shine and stones, brooches can be used to go in line with the colours of your outfit. When used correctly, colourfully painted brooches can work as part of your ensemble and just as a mere addition to it. Go floral-themed during the spring season, or add a splash of colour to classic pieces over winter coats for a striking feature.

Whether it is a coat brooch or a blazer brooch, or brooches for ethnic clothing like a brooch for kurta or sherwani, you can enhance the overall look of all your outfits with colour power.

Be it weddings or formal events; brooches are bound to add a touch of luxury to any outfit while allowing you to stay comfortable. Play around with brooches and create designs that mimic everything from retro 

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