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Which are the different types of pantsuits available?

A pantsuit when properly paired and worn is certainly a bold statement to make! Here are some trendy suits available that are a must for all!

The classic dinner suits

The classic black suit that has a white shirt and black pants with a black tie or a bow tie sets you a class apart. It is the perfect ensemble that makes you wedding ready, formal dinner ready, or even caters the need for a fancy date night outfit. It has all the makings of a classy, formal and regal outfit. The pieces that make this garment complete, can be mixed and matched with several other pants and suits to give you a unique look. An extremely versatile option!

The Summer Suit

The heat might be a deterrent to make a mark through your clothes but this should not modify your pantsuit look for the summer. A relaxed unstructured jacket, light, and the ones that use light breathable material are your best friend to make an impression. A light-colored beige coat with a white shirt and a checked trouser might seem like the perfect summer wardrobe.

The suits with checks

The checked pantsuit is gaining limelight. A classic checked suit and pant ticks all the boxes of a trendy, formal and stylish ensemble all in one outfit. It is a perfectly sleek look and carries the notion of confidence along with it.

The Double- Breasted Suit

A sharp, well-shaped suit that rings class front, right, and center. It is a slightly different suit and a stand out garment from the other normal paradigmatic suits that you own, a dark double-breasted suit paired with dark pants definitely sets your fashion standards high. Not to mention a perfectly warm thick garment, your ideal choice during winters.

A slim fit suit

A good contoured sleek look that is perfect, either for a casual or a professional setting and is a must have making you look trendy and all dapper. This is a cupboard staple that every man must own.
Now when one looks at pants. No suit is idyllic without some properly decked up pants. Pants can be broadly categorized as formals, casuals and in between. When one looks at pants, it’s important to understand the feel and comfort fit of it and the material used to make the pant.


A typical black formal pant would be a flawless piece of garment to mix and match, with various suits or for sporting a semi-casual look with t-shirts. Classic colors like navy blue and grey are multi-purpose and are inevitable in everyone’s wardrobe.
Choose your fabric right usually in rhythm with the season, a woolen formal goes well during winter especially with a double-breasted suit, the perfect combination. The usual ones are synthetic that are used on several occasions and are the usual pick. It is important to pick the right fit, a suit is usually paired with a fell fitting pants. Sometimes ankle length pants are also unsurpassable for a semi-professional set up.


These on the other hand are mostly made out of cotton or denim. A denim with a suit is the perfect after party attire or a casual or a semi-formal event. A pinstripes casual is also the perfect match up to almost any suit, especially a checked one. This is a bosting pant to make a casual statement.
The ankle length pants that are well fitted, amp up appearances, and give an overall look of luxury and comfort, catering to both a casual and formal appeal.
It is also pertinent to keep in mind to mix in different styles and mix match span out various prints. The patch works are in season and a pinstripe coat and suit would indeed look very dashing. A bold patchwork or a neon suit might inevitably be something to make a statement.
These are the different suits and pants that there is. These are important garments especially for those wanting to make a mark so choose wisely! Choose your favorites at the Dapper store!

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