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Which are the trending traditional pieces of men’s clothing in 2020?

traditional pieces of men’s clothing
Being in trend especially with clothing is something everyone wants and contrary to popular opinion, men are no exception. This year has seen some important trends in men’s fashion and clothing.

The classy leather jackets

This piece of clothing has been in trend for a while now. A simple investment that takes you a long way, enduring and makes a statement. A biker look or a snuggly stylish look this is a very vibrant piece of clothing, especially when paired with a light-colored T-shirt that makes you look as voguish as possible.

The high waist trousers

The style of the 40’s resurfaced in the early months of 2020, it has in fact been in trend many times owing to the versatility of this garment, a tucked t-shirt with this comfortable high waist trousers is definitely a style statement coupled with comfort, try this refreshing look and enjoy it.

Cuban Collar shirts

A very distinctive collar with short sleeves and an amazing pattern with bright shades and a bold look is all the Cuban collar shirts are about. Paired with some plain pants or trousers this is the perfect look to amp up style and make a statement. This 50’s trend is coming back today! It is an elegant fashion, statement all in one.


With the ’40s and ’50s seeping its way back in the ’70s, has also made its mark in 2020. Flares are trousers that have a big oversized ankle and a thin top. This makes a casual impression and a good confident look when paired up with a simple t-shirt or an oversized hoodie. This is definitely going to set you apart from the crowd!

Shorts that extend over the knee

Sport this casual and cool look, along with a bold t-shirt or keep it simple and plain. This is the perfect look to sport especially in the hot summers that refreshes both the wearer and the person who sees them.

The Bold Patches as prints

Stand out and make a style statement like no other, either rock a fun look with a bold patch on your trousers or pair patches with a plain tee and a dark bottom, sounds like the perfect trend to make an intrepid statement which shows your attitude, inside out.

The Oversized Blazer

This 80’s trend seems to be scaling back now. A blazer that is either one or two sizes up with a trendy bottom and a plain simple t-shirt give one a phlegmatic yet classy look. A perfect fashionista look that ticks the box of being casual trendy all at the same time.

Shirts with Camp Collars

A classic blue or a white t-shirt. This is a comfortable, classy, light garment which is the perfect outfit to sport a light look yet not so plaid. The collar makes a world of a difference especially when paired with a half trouser or classy denim, that gives the relaxed, windy, and beachy vibe.

The classic stripes

Sport a vertical stripe look. A very subtle and elegant looking piece of garment that truly encapsulates a trendy and fashionable outlook. A blustery appearance and the perfect outfit to either look casual or formal. A rendition of pinstripes is also a bold statement to make. Either in trousers, blazers, or shirts, this version of stripes is yet again perfect for either formals or casuals a classic look yet so fashionable make a statement.

Pockets are here to stay

As much as the cargos were once in fashion then perceived as totally uncool later, maybe they are dribbling back in vogue again. Multiple pockets are all about comfort and accessibility, all in one making a fashion statement, well 2020 is certainly the year to be.

The mid wash denim

This is the perfect garment to have in your closet. Practical, easy to handle, and yet makes a statement all on its own. Perfect to pair up with a tee or semi-formals all to make you look. This is an unfaltering casual garment that is a great investment for many years down the line.
Being in trend is definitely a confidence booster. It makes a mark to others as well as to the self. It is not just about gaining attention but to feel good and make a statement.

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